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New clothes

Aug. 30th, 2011 | 12:06 am

The shirt is like, too small, Liet.

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03. "£$%^&* (←k!Polish)

Jun. 2nd, 2011 | 01:18 am

Feliks wasn't bored any more when Toris was at work during day time.  He would bounce around the apartment on his pony, nap on it when he was tired and would play the piano when he was fed up with it.  He discovered that he was actually a good pianist. He had even composed some nice tunes, waiting to hold a mini concert (in the living of course) on the weekend when Toris didn't have to work. 

HA! He might become the greatest kitty pianist in the world!

Toris returned home drunk one evening and flopped on his bed as soon as he came back. He woke up late in the morning because of that, causing him to rush everything and forgot to switch off the TV before he left for work.
It was that day....when Feliks discovered how interesting that box sitting on the shelf could be!!!

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01 A stray kitty

Mar. 14th, 2011 | 10:18 pm

Feliks was hanging off the edge of a garbage bin in an alley next to a restaurant. He randomly flailed his little legs, trying to swing his whole body up so that he could land in the bin to look for some left over food.  It was probably the tenth time he attempted it today and obviously, he wasn't that skillful at it.

Feliks wasn't an alley cat to start with. He used to have an owner who wouldn't care about him at all besides feeding him with some really bad food. His owner would even kicked and hit him as to vent his anger on him when he was in a bad mood so people could probably still see cuts/wounds left on his body if they took a closer look at him. 

It was that one night, when Feliks' horrible owner was still sleeping after abusing him as usual, he gave a serious thought about his whole kitty life. He would die sooner or later if that guy kept doing it to him frequent enough and there were still so many things that he wanted to do before he die - going to a kitty salon for example. It was so not worth it if he wasted his whole life being abused so he finally decided to leave this home and explore the world on his own.

It wasn't as easy as he thought to live without a shelter though.  He had to find somewhere to stay during rainly days and in the evening. He'd get into trouble if he accidentally occupied some other cats' place. And the worst was that he couldn't ensure himself to be fed.

It might not be the right decision leaving that home...he now regretted it a little. Only a little!!
He didn't even manage to swing himself up into the bin but also loosened his grip on the edge of the garbage bin, falling onto the ground with his back landing first...

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